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Open a Demo Account with 365Trading

For binary options traders, especially novice traders, it is very important to learn how to place trades on the binary options trading platforms. Many binary options brokers provide demo accounts to help traders get familiar with all the features of the trading platform. It is strongly recommended that you take full advantage of the demo account offered by brokers to practice how to place a trade and develop trading strategies.

365Trading offers a free demo account to traders. As it is explicitly shown on the binary options trading platform, the demo account is independent of the real trading account.

The process of opening a demo account with 365Trading is simple. By clicking on the “OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT” button shown on the 365Trading binary options trading platform and following the instructions, you can easily sign up for a demo account and it only takes two to three minutes to complete the process. It does not require you to make a deposit so as to use the demo account.

If you think that you practice enough and are ready to start real binary options trading, you can upgrade to a real trading account. On the 365Trading binary options trading platform, the minimum deposit is 100 USD / 100 EUR / 100 GBP. A deposit can be made with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Neteller, Paypal, Ideal, Bancontact-Mr Cash, Wire transfer, Sofort, or Trustly. It is important to note that you cannot change the currency selection (US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling) after registration.

365Trading Binary Options Trading Platform

The platform for demo trading is the same as that of real trading. Thus you can practice a few times with the demo account before you really get a feel for the real binary options trading. The 365Trading binary options trading platform is simple and easy to use.

To place a trade on the trading platform, you firstly choose the binary options type. Then, you choose an asset that you are interested in, and select the expiry time. Finally, you choose either the upwards arrow or the downwards arrow.

Here is a list of options and features shown on the 365Trading binary options trading platform:

1. Left hand panel

  • Type: Short Term Trading, Long Term Trading
  • Choose Asset: Indices, Stocks, Stocks (US), Currencies, Commodities
  • Expiry Time:
    • Short Term: 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes
    • Long Term: 24 hours, end of week, end of month, end of year
  • Upwards Arrow: Call / High
  • Downwards Arrow: Put / Low

2. Middle panel

  • Zoom: 5M, 30M, 1H, 3H, All
  • Chart Type: Area Chart, Candlestick Chart

3. Right hand panel

  • Asset Name, Current Value, Current Time

Trading Signals

On the 365Trading binary options trading platform, you can also find trading signals. If you click on the “TRADING SIGNALS” button, it will direct you to the page (see the above figure).

In the trading signals page, there are signal name, symbol, option type, expiry, signal time, and ITM%.

Tide High Risk:
1. Tide signals are short duration trades, with 5 minute expiry. They signify a capitulation of the prevailing trend, on a short term basis. So if the bulls were dominating the asset price on an hourly time frame, but the bears take over, Tide fires, triggering a PUT (and vice versa for a CALL). They are to be entered as soon as you receive the signal. However in some cases, owing to server delay, if you do receive the signal late, it may be stale and it is advised to wait for the next one.
2. It is not advised to trade multiple signals at the same time or trading them near periods of heavy news flow.

Curve signals are longer term duration trades, typically expiries of 1 hour, to be taken end-of-hour (EOH). They signify a reversal following a multi-hour time frame trend. If there is an all-day trend, we would advise not trading the curve.

Practice Binary Options Trading Using the Demo Account

By practicing binary options trading using the 365Trading demo account, you can avoid unnecessary losses when you conduct real binary options trading. Let’s take a look at how to place a trade on the 365Trading binary options trading platform.

Assume that you would like to place a $10 trade by predicting that the price of EUR/USD will increase in the next 60 seconds. The payout for this trade is 70%.

Firstly, you select the “Short Term Trading” from “Type”. You then select “Choose Asset”, “Currencies”, and “EURUSD”. Next, you select “1 minute” from “Expiry Time”. Finally, you click on the upwards arrow to open a position.

If the target price of EUR/USD at the time of expiry was higher than its current price, you are correct and you can obtain a return of $10 + $10 x 70% = $17.

If the target price of EUR/USD at the time of expiry was lower than its current price, you are incorrect and you can obtain a return of $0.

365Trading offers a large selection of assets and expiry times for traders to choose from. By using the demo account, you can practice binary options trading to figure out what asset you are good at. You can also develop your trading strategies and improve your trading skills.

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