How to choose the right binary options broker?

There are a lot of online binary options brokers and they have different characteristics and offer many different assets and services, it is thus necessary to choose the broker that is the best fit for you. Please keep in mind that it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of brokers and selection criteria when you choose binary options brokers.

Payout Rates

Payout rate is directly correlated to the earnings. It is a number that shows the profit percentage of a trade if a trader predicts the outcome accurately. The amount of money that a trader will receive for a successful trade is the sum of the profit percentage of the initial investment plus their initial investment. Therefore, the higher the payout rate, the less a trader will lose in investment.

Depending on the type of binary options, such as Touch & No Touch Options and Range & Boundary Options, there are also brokers who offer payout rates of 300% and 400%. These large payout rates are usually offered for the type of trading that has less trading time period and they are difficult to use. Thus, it is better to just compare the payout rates of High & Low Binary Options.

In addition, as the payout rates offered by a broker will change depending on the time period and movements of the market, it is an effective method to open multiple accounts and choose the broker that offers the highest payout rate when you trade binary options in a good condition.


Although it is possible to trade binary options with a small amount of money which is one of their attractive features, binary options brokers require a minimum deposit and the amount of money varies depending on the brokers. For those who have a large amount of money available, there is no need to worry about it. However, as most novice traders expect to start investing with a small amount of money, it is better to choose a broker with low minimum deposit limits.

It is also important to open multiple accounts while trading binary options. If a large amount of deposit is required, the number of brokers that a trader can use will reduce due to the limited amount of money available. Therefore, in order to be able to trade binary options on multiple platforms for diversification, it is necessary to pay attention to the minimum deposit amount.


There are many binary options brokers offering bonuses when you sign up. As there is no leverage in binary options trading, in order to place more trades with a small investment amount, the bonus system is adopted. For example, if you deposit $200, a $100 bonus will be received and you can start trading binary options with $300.

In addition, the amount of bonus that can be received is dependent on each broker. There are conditions for withdrawing the received bonus and these are the measures adopted by brokers to prevent from abuse of bonuses. It is thus necessary to make sure to read terms and conditions, as well as FAQs on each binary options platform.

Trading Types

There are four types of binary options trading: High & Low Binary Options、60 Second Options、Touch & No Touch Options、and Range & Boundary Options. The types of binary options offered by brokers vary and some brokers only offer a number of binary options for trading.

In order to trade all types of binary options, experienced traders would prefer to use multiple brokers. However, for those novice traders, it is better to choose a broker by focusing on one type of binary options.

Binary Options
OptionBit71%~80%$/€/£ 25075%4
10Trade70%~89%$/€/£ 200100%6
2Options70%~88%$/€/£ 250Up to 120%8
BDSwiss70%~89%€ 1006
TR Binary Options70%~81%$/€/£ 20075%8

The more the selection criteria, the less the number of brokers are available for you to choose from. Thus, it is better to choose the broker that is the best fit for you.

Other Criteria for Choosing the Right Brokers

As it is mentioned above, there are four criteria to consider when choosing a broker: payout rates, deposit, bonus and trading types. There are also other criteria a trader needs to consider in order to choose the right broker.

For example, you can get valuable information and limited-time bonuses in the newsletter after you sign up with brokers. This information is not available unless you sign up for an account. As limited-time bonuses have higher returns, it is also an effective method to firstly open an account and consider trading with this account at a later time. Since it is free to sign up, you can also open accounts with multiple brokers and use the information to choose the broker that is the best fit for you.

In addition, as one of the criteria of choosing a right broker, it is also important to pay attention to whether the platform is easy to use or not. There are a variety of platforms available for binary options trading. On some platforms, it is able to place several trades at the same time. Some platforms are easy to use for novice traders. There are also platforms on which trading tools and analytical tools are offered for advanced traders. To find the right binary options broker, it is better to also pay attention to this criterion.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Binary Options Broker

For those who consider to start trading binary options, there is one thing that a trader needs to pay attention. Keep in mind that you do not trade with the binary options broker that you can find little information about it on the web. There are some online binary options brokers are operated without having a regulation license. There are also some brokers receiving a negative review for their late responses and customer support.

It may be late to solve the problem when the trouble occurs while trading binary options with you money. Therefore, including the brokers on this website, please beware of those binary options brokers that do not have a lot of trusted information about them on the web. Especially, you should beware of those websites introducing binary options brokers that claim to make money without providing any detail information.

Most Popular Binary Options Brokers for Beginners

  • BONUS : 100%
  • DEPOSIT : $/€/£ 200
  • PAYOUT% : 70%~80%
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  • BONUS : Up to 120%
  • DEPOSIT : $/€/£ 250
  • PAYOUT% : 70%~88%
  • ACCEPT US : 

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  • BONUS : 
  • DEPOSIT : $/€/£ 250
  • PAYOUT% : 60%~88%
  • ACCEPT US : 

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*Investors can lose all their capital by trading binary options.

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