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Economy of the Republic of India : facts & statistics

Currency : INR
Official nameRepublic of India
Nominal GDP$5,302,000 million (2013)
GDP per capita$4,060
Real GDP growth rate2.53% (2014)
Inflation rate5.99% (2014)
Unemployment rateNo data

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Understanding the Characteristics of Indian Rupee in Order to Make a Profit

Indian Rupee is the official currency of the Republic of India and it is issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Due to the growth of IT and software service sectors, the Indian economy is growing. The production volume of steel and automobiles, as well as the Indian pharma exports, has also continued to grow. Given the sheer size of its population, India has the potential to sustain economic growth rate and has a bright prospect for the future.

Since India is faced with a chronic trade deficit, there still has the price fluctuation risk. As one of the BRIC countries that featured with fast-growing economies, India has drawn attention from investors all over the world. In addition, it draws attention for maintaining a high interest rate policy in order to prevent inflation.

Here, BRICs is an acronym for four emerging economies, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China. The term was used in the autumn of 2003 by Goldman Sachs in the report for investors, and since then it has been used by the media.

The BRIC countries are developing countries that are expected to foresee fast-growing economies in the 21st century and their economies are expected to grow for the following reasons:

  • Large countries with an abundance of natural resources
  • Large and young working age populations
  • Cheap labor force and low-cost products
  • Promising markets powered by large populations

India is adopting a managed float exchange rate system and it is not entirely a fixed exchange rate system or a floating exchange rate system. The central bank manages to influence its exchange rate to vary within a specified range. When large fluctuations in exchange rate happen, the Reserve Bank of India will intervene in the foreign exchange market. Therefore, you much keep it in mind while you are trading binary options.

List of Economic Indicators You Should Pay Attention To When Trading Indian Rupee

IndicatorRelease dates
Balance of Tradeat the beginning of each month
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)quarterly
Industrial Production Indexat the beginning of each month
Current Accountquarterly
Wholesale Price Indexin the middle of each month
Consumer Price Indexaround the 20th of each month
RBI Monetary Policybimonthly
Unemployment Ratethe first Friday of each month

India is one of the emerging markets with robust economies that recovered faster from the global crisis than developed countries as the inflow of investment money continues to increase and the value of stocks and currency tend to rise. The monetary policy announced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is a factor that you should pay attention to. It is possible that there will be large exchange rate fluctuations after the RBI releases monetary policy. Therefore, you should pay attention to the announcement of important person while trading binary options.

However, as people are concerned about the impact of the rising current account deficit and trade deficit, the value of Indian Rupee continues to fall. We can also look at its economic growth rate. Before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, India achieved an annual growth rate of 9%. Then, the annual growth rate declined to 6% in 2008-2009 and 5% in 2013-2014. It is concerned that the long standing economic stagnation may cause unstable political situation and that the capital outflows due to weak Indian Rupee.

On the other hand, as the Indian government is taking measures to stabilize Indian Rupee, it is expected to turn to a positive growth. There are a lot of investors who think that it is wise to invest in the Indian Rupee for the present exchange rate and the confidence in Indian Rupee is expected to rise.

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What You Should Pay Attention To When Trading Indian Rupee

While trading Indian Rupee, the risk that an investor should pay attention to is the possibility of the soaring markets due to the fact that India is an oil consuming country. The Indian Rupee is rising and this is because that India’s crude oil imports constitute 70%~80% of its total domestic crude oil consumption and the economy is expected to grow with the cheap crude oil.

That is, if crude oil prices rise, Indian Rupee will fall. If risk avoidance postures are adopted in the financial market, there is the possibility that Indian Rupee will be sold due to current account deficit.

After RBI’s policy announcement to lower interest rates in January 2015, investors keep buying Indian Rupee. Lowering interest rates is usually considered as selling a currency and it draws attention from investors. The rationale behind the action of buying Indian Rupee as the interest rates lowered is that investors think that the risks of emerging economics are low and expect a high economic growth rate.

Even though India has a low GDP growth rate, due to the high expectations for economic growth in recent years, it is recognized as a promising market for its economic development strategies by lowering interest rates. It is necessary to pay attention to the market movements as they may move in the opposite directions which are different from you expectations.

Changes in policy interest rate of the India




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