Because I have to work in the daytime, it is impossible for me to trade binary options during working hours. I think that investing also takes a lot of time and money. Is it true that binary options can be traded at any time?

As long as you have an access to the Internet, you can trade binary options at any time, from anywhere. This is because that foreign exchange takes place all over the world and the foreign exchange market never sleeps. If you cannot trade binary options in the daytime, you can place trades outside of working hours. It is possible to trade binary options at night before you go to sleep.

In addition, the binary options trading is different from the foreign exchange margin trading as there is no need to always look at the price movements. In the foreign exchange margin trading, a trader needs to consider when is the best time to buy or sell currencies after the trading begins. In the binary options trading, a trader does not need to consider this. All he needs to do is to wait for the result after a trade is placed.

The binary options trading usually takes a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 15 minutes. Compared with the foreign exchange margin trading in which traders need to always look at their computer screens or smartphones, in binary options trading, the trading time frames are pre-determined.

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