Binary Options Strategy: Bonus

Making Use of Binary Options Bonus

In binary options trading, traders can receive the bonus offered by brokers to increase their investments. In principle, an investor trade binary options with his own funds. By receiving bonus, a trader can have more funds available for trading.

Binary options trading involves a lot of risks and no one can guarantee that it is always profitable. For traders who prefer to trade with a small amount of money, or those who cannot afford to trade with a big sum of money, bonus can be a boost in trading binary options.

The purpose of receiving bonus varies from one trader to another. Some traders may prefer to invest small amounts of money, while others may prefer to trade with more money than they have. Receiving the bonus can increase the amount of funds available for trading. Thus, it might be worthwhile to consider taking a look at binary options bonus.

What is Binary Options Bonus?

Bonus is a sum of money offered by binary options brokers and traders can receive the bonus when they make deposits. This special offer makes it possible for traders to use an extra amount of money, besides their own funds, to trade binary options. Traders have the freedom to decide whether or not to accept the bonus. The bonus scheme is different from the leverage in forex trading, and most of the binary options brokers are currently offering bonuses.

Let’s say a trader has an initial investment of $500. Now, the trader has $500 available for trading binary options. If he received a bonus, he will get an extra amount of money. Let’s assume that the bonus offered by a broker is 100%. The amount of funds that is available for trading is now $500 + $500 = $1,000.

Unless withdrawal requirements are met, the bonus belongs to the broker. However, if a trader lost $1,000, the broker will not ask him to pay back the bonus money, i.e., $500. Thus, traders do not have to worry about additional deposits request and they can make use of bonus with ease.

List of Binary Options Brokers that Offers Good Bonus Schemes

The bonus scheme varies from one broker to another. If you are considering receiving a bonus, you should carefully choose a broker that offers a good bonus scheme, that is, a high restoration rate and a low threshold for withdrawal.

Binary Options
OptionBit71%~80%$/€/£ 25075%4
10Trade70%~89%$/€/£ 200100%6
2Options70%~88%$/€/£ 250Up to 120%8
BDSwiss70%~89%€ 100€ 3006
TradeRush70%~81%$/€/£ 20075%5

Things You Should Pay Attention to When You Receive a Bonus

By receiving bonus, you are able to trade with more funds. However, when you receive a bonus, you should read carefully the terms and conditions related to bonus. In particular, you should pay attention to the withdrawal requirements.

The bonuses offered by binary options brokers are basically free and traders have the freedom to use bonus money to trade binary options. There is the possibility that bonus could be misused or abused. If the bonus could be withdrawn without any conditions, traders would just take the bonus. Therefore, in order to prevent abuse of bonus, brokers have attached conditions to the bonus and traders cannot withdraw funds until certain requirements are met.

The withdrawal requirements vary by broker and bonus type. When traders receive bonuses, while some brokers allow traders to withdraw their own funds, the other brokers require that traders must meet certain requirements so that they can withdraw their own funds.

In most cases, in order to withdraw funds, traders are required to place certain trading volume. For example, if a trader received a bonus of $500, he has to trade 30 times the bonus amount. The trader must trade $500 x 30 = $15,000 before he can make a withdrawal.

※As it is mentioned above, withdrawal requirements vary by broker and bonus type. In order to avoid problems, before you receive a bonus, please make sure to read bonus terms and conditions carefully.

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